Monday 13 May 2013

Casing Bit & Casing Shoes Bit

This group of products is used on the leading edge of a casing tube string to advance it through the overburden layer and into the bedrock by means of rotational drilling.

Depending on the range of application, the cutting media on the core bit may take the form of synthetic diamond on the impregnated type, natural drill diamond on the surface-set type, or tungsten-carbide particles or elements.

Economical impregnated diamond casing shoe Bit is available for use with all standard casing tube sizes and a limited number of Wireline drill sizes. The IDP ‘casing shoe Bit is intended for use in applications where the casing tubes are to be permanently left in the drill hole.

IDP casing shoe Bit is supplied with :
§ Flat-Face (Style ‘F’) crown profile.
§ Regular (Style ‘W’) waterway configuration.
§ 0.12-inch (3 mm) diamond impregnation depth.

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