Wednesday 20 February 2013

Explore A Range Of Diamond Drilling Machines

To explore valuable minerals and elements hidden deep in the earth, drilling equipment industry is emerged. Today, diamond drilling machines are widely used in a variety of drilling applications. If you are looking for drilling equipment for different applications, here you will know about the leading company engaged in offering world class diamond core drilling machines. It is Ideal Diamond Products driven by experienced technocrats and professionals. If you want to know more about the wide range of drilling products at IDP, you will get it here.

IDP offers a range of diamond drilling equipment comprising natural diamond and synthetic diamond core bits. Its products include Bevel, straight wall diamond core bits, reamer shells, wire line core bits, non-core bits, thin wall core bits, casing shoe bits, bottom discharge core bits and many more. We provide long lasting quality drilling equipment to serve a wide variety of requirements in the drilling industry.   

We are reliable diamond core drills manufacturer where you can avail customized drilling equipment as per your requirements. All our products follow DCDMA, Swiss and British standards. You can avail drilling bits with varying matrices from 25RC to 48C to drill different rock formations efficiently. Even we provide bits and reamer shells according to specific orders.
The diamond core drilling bits come with different quality of diamonds like natural processed diamonds or synthetic diamonds to suit different geological formations or applications. We offer different bit profiles like flat crown, full crown, semi round crown, stepped crown bits to last longer in specific conditions. For more information or queries, you can visit us at