Tuesday 21 May 2013

Applications Of Synthetic Diamond Bits

Our earth core is a treasure of very valuable assets like oil, gas, precious metals including copper, gold and of course diamonds. However, it is not as simple as one thinks with the hard layers. The invention of carbide supported polycrystalline diamond cutter has added a new dimension to the drilling industries. Besides mineral exploration industry, many other applications like water, electricity and construction industry, drilling is a very important activity. Diamond drilling tools help to dig out hard cores efficiently.

Synthetic diamond cutters are useful in geographical exploration. As diamond is the hardest substance, it is effective in drilling hard cores easily. Synthetic diamond cutters can be used in many applications like –
  •     Water Conservancy
  •     Power engineering
  •     Building construction
  •     Installing gas pipes and drilling reinforced concrete structures

Besides these applications, diamond bits can be used on glass, stones, tiles, marbles, slate, granite and many more. The synthetic diamonds are laboratory or cultivated diamonds but in terms of hardness, thermal conductivity, they are superior than natural diamonds. Thus, synthetic diamonds are widely used in cutting and drilling tools. The synthetic diamond core bits are generally used to cut cylindrical samples of geographical structures. In cutting tools, synthetic diamond bits are used in drilling tools. These bits are available in different sizes and shapes.

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